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Paradigm brings cutting-edge diagnostics and biomarker driven clinical trials to benefit cancer patients.

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PCDx: Individualizing cancer treatment

Through Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS), and other biomarker analysis, the Paradigm Cancer Diagnostic (PCDx) test is able to provide the treating clinician with information about the genomic and proteomic landscape of a patient’s cancer, helping personalize each patient’s course of treatment.

This molecular analysis provides a broad-spectrum analysis covering 186 alterations tested, with over 500 nucleotides of interest including NGS for DNA mutations, DNA copy number variation, mRNA expression, fusions and isoforms and protein by IHC. PCDx is developed and driven by supporting data and literature and provides the most therapeutic associations of any profiling service currently available on the market.

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Paradigm strives to use molecular data to help oncologists provide the most effective treatment plan for each patient.

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PCDx cancer diagnostic test

Paradigm’s cancer diagnostic test, PCDx, gives oncologists more accurate therapeutic options for patient care.

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Paradigm’s expert team in oncology, informatics, and translational medicine delivers the promise of personalized medicine to patients.

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