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Paradigm Diagnostics and TME Research Expand Precision Medicine Breast Cancer Registry


Phoenix, AZ and Allentown, PA, May 3, 2017– Paradigm Diagnostics and TME Research today announced an expanded national rollout of their Breast Cancer Registry.

Paradigm’s Neoadjuvant Breast Registry or (NEAT), originally launched as a pilot in 2015, to utilize Paradigm’s Cancer Diagnostics Test (PCDx). The test characterizes the genomics of tumors from patients with invasive breast cancer who were scheduled to receive neoadjuvant treatment.

Pat Whitworth, MD, Co-Founder of TME and Co-Principal Investigator stated, “In the pilot phase of the NEAT Registry, we identified some very unique genomic alterations in a population of patients that did not respond to standard neoadjuvant breast cancer therapy. The underlying biology of these molecular biomarkers may help explain why many of these patients did not respond. Expansion of this project is a natural next step in helping to confirm some of our initial findings.”

Pat W. Whitworth Jr., M.D.

Pat W. Whitworth Jr., M.D.

“While comprehensive genomic profiling in breast cancer has largely been withheld to the later stages of this disease, approximately 40% of patients receiving neoadjuvant therapy in the front-line setting after surgery fail to achieve a full response. We believe there is considerable clinical utility in exploring molecular alterations that may be driving non-responses to therapy. We look forward to our continued collaboration with TME Research”, noted David Mallery, President and CEO of Paradigm.

The expanded phase of this project is targeted to enroll 300-400 patients across 15 clinical sites in the US.

PCDx is a comprehensive clinical-grade NGS-based test that is designed to provide physicians and patients with a more targeted, personalized approach to cancer treatment by identifying the underlying genomic and proteomic alterations of a tumors DNA, RNA & Protein. The test interrogates the most relevant genomic targets with a 5,000x average depth of coverage aligning 72 therapeutic associations. Results are typically delivered in 4-5 business days.

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Paradigm Diagnostics offers accurate, comprehensive and clinically actionable cancer genomic profiling and therapeutic information in 4-5 business days to better support patient care. The Paradigm Cancer Diagnostic (PCDx) comprehensive sequencing test analyzes DNA, RNA, and Protein by immunohistochemisty to provide treating physicians and patients with more precise information about the specific cancer pathways in the tumor to allow for more effective decision-making. For more information visit http://www.paradigmdx.com or visit us on Twitter @Paradigm_DX

About TME

TME is a network of breast care key opinion leaders and innovative companies, focused on advancing the global standard of breast care TME research designs, executes and optimizes accrual in breast care research through community leaders. TME is headquartered in Allentown PA visit http://www.breastcarenetwork.com




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