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About PCDx

The PCDx test provides patients and physicians with a blueprint of the underlying mechanisms of a patient’s disease, potential treatment approaches, and comprehensive inventory of relevant clinical trials.

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Targeted diagnostics

The PCDx test identifies actionable classes of genomic alterations in hundreds of cancer-related genes, including the following.
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DNA Mutations

Changes in the DNA sequence of chromosomes, including insertions, deletions and base substitutions. Somatic mutation analysis has become standard of practice for solid tumors in order to identify therapeutic sensitizing and resistance mutations (e.g., EGFR, KRAS, BRAF).

Copy Number Variations

CNVs are alterations of the DNA of the cancer genome that result in the cell having abnormal copies of one or more sections of the DNA. These alterations can have a significant impact on response to therapy (e.g., HER2).

mRNA Expression

Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional protein. Sequencing-based mRNA analysis enables the significant multiplexing of biomarker targets (e.g., ER, ERCC1).

Protein Expression

Changes in the protein expression as measured by IHC has been utilized for many years as the gold-standard to quantitate the actual translation of altered gene products. Our ability to interrogate key protein markers (e.g. PD-L1, HER2, AR, MGMT, TOP1) provides insights on potential response to both cytotoxic agents as well as emerging clinical trials.

Fusions / Isoforms

Fusions and isoforms are rearrangements of genes or the exons within genes that result in abnormal gene expression or function. These alterations can have significant impact on therapy, particularly in non-small cell lung cancers. PCDx precisely identifies the exact breakpoints with single-base resolution.


The PCDx advantage

PCDx Advantage

5 business day turnaround time

Paradigm promises a clinically relevant turnaround time. Customers can expect 5 days from sample receipt to reporting ensures continuity of clinical care.


5000x depth of coverage

Paradigm 5000x average depth of coverage ensures confidence in that both positive and negative calls are correct. This level of assurance is unique to Paradigm.

PCDx Advantage

mRNA Analysis by sequencing

mRNA targets account for a significant number of PCDx’s actionable results and is not commercially available with associated DNA findings outside of Paradigm.

PCDx Advantage

500+ sequencing targets

PCDx assesses the most clinically-actionable genomic variations in cancer, including: mutations, copy number variations, mRNA expression and protein expression.


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